Areas of Practice

Getting started in franchising

  • Advice in identifying and evaluating a franchise

  • Review of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

  • Securing Real Estate for a franchise location

  • Negotiation with franchisor

  • Merger or purchase of a franchise

  • Selling a franchise

  • Setting up the initial LLC or C-Corp/S-Corp


If you have a successful business, and are interested in growing it, turning it into a franchise may be the path forward for you. Taking your methods, and know-how, and letting someone else take a lot of the other risk can be very attractive. The process of doing so can be very cumbersome. Did you know for example you have to provide a Franchise Disclosure Document? This may end up being 50-100 pages long. We can use our experience to help you efficiently turn your business into a franchise.

Reviewing Franchising Disclosure Documents (FDD)

It can  be overwhelming when you initially receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Unless you have reviewed a number of these documents,  you may not know what to look for. As an  experienced franchise lawyer, we are familiar with the structure of these documents, and can help you quickly identify potential trouble areas.


lucky to have him part of my team, making the complicated simple, and the simple exceptional…
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